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About GALA Robotics

The GALA Robotics program was founded in 2018 by seven high school students interested in participating in the First Tech Challenge, a robotics competition created by FIRST. Team RGB, the first team of the GALA Robotics program, advanced to the regional competition in their first year.

In the program's second year, two new teams were added: GALAXY, a second high school team that also competes in the FIRST Tech Challenge; and Automatons, a middle school team that competes in the FIRST LEGO League Challenge.


Working together is an important aspect of the GALA robotics program. No one person is responsible for carrying the team. From the engineers who design and build the robot, to the programmers who bring the life to motors and servos, and to the organizers who coordinate fundraising and outreach, each team member brings their own set of skills to the team.


Being part of the High School GALA robotics program means being part of a team that supports each other, celebrates with each other, and overcomes challenges together.


The GALA Middle School Robotics team participates in the annual FIRST LEGO League Challenge, where teams complete a STEM-based research project and build and code a LEGO robot to compete in a friendly competition. 


GALA High School Robotics teams participate in the annual FIRST Tech Challenge, where teams design, build, and program a robot from scratch and compete in head-to-head challenges.

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